Starting the week of July 16, the PWTorch Livecast is making some exciting changes to the weekly schedule! With PWTorch editor Wade Keller moving his four shows to PodcastOne starting July 18 with his post-Raw show, new shows will be sprouting up on our schedule here. First, how to follow Wade Keller-hosted show over to’s platform…


To subscribe to the new “Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast” at Podcast One, you’ll need to enter “Wade Keller” in the Podcast Search Box on your podcast app. If you use iTunes, CLICK HERE. Or access it directly from our Podcast One home page HERE. It’s free and it starts on July 18. It will include four weekly shows that you’re used to hearing previously here at PWTorch Livecast. The first show of the week covers Raw, the second covers Smackdown, the third is our weekly Flagship covering a wide array of current events, and the fourth is our weekly Interview. This show WILL NOT be available on the PWTorch Livecast feed, so you must subscribe separately, but it’s still free with many of the same cohosts from the PWTorch team and beyond.)


SUNDAYS – “Wrestling Night in America with Pat & Greg” (8 ET on non-PPV Sundays, immediately following PPVs otherwise)

This show, hosted by PWTorch columnists Pat McNeill & Greg Parks, will focus solely on Big Events in Pro Wrestling. They will take your phone calls and answer your emails about the next big events promoted by WWE, ROH, NXT, GFW, New Japan, EVOLVE, and more! They’ll preview upcoming line-ups, discuss the latest developments, and review the previous supercard results.

MONDAYS – “MMA Talk for Pro Wrestling Fans with Mike Hiscoe & Co.” (7 ET)

This show, hosted by MMATorch’s Mike Hiscoe, author of the Daily News Digest and Live Event Coverage, will be joined by a rotation of cohosts who are also pro wrestling fans. They’ll discuss MMA’s top personalities and feuds, discuss the business side and compare MMA’s TV ratings and business metrics to that of pro wrestling, look at how fighters promote their upcoming fights through their personalities and verbal conflicts, and evaluating the overall presentation of shows from the announcing to video packages and aspects of the hype. It’ll be a portal for pro wrestling fans to learn about MMA but also an engaging source of MMA conversation for any hardcore MMA fan looking for a stress on the bombastic personalities and the promotion of MMA fights more than the technical strategies engaged by fighters. And, of course, there will be attention given to anyone who has crossed over from pro wrestling to MMA or vice-versa, such as C.M. Punk, Stephan Bonnar, and Brock Lesnar.

TUESDAYS – “Best of PWTorch Livecast”

PWTorch Livecast launched in December 2009, and there are many great shows on pro wrestling’s biggest events and biggest news stories you might have missed or might want to re-listen to with today’s perspective in mind. Also, we have interviewed some of pro wrestling’s biggest and most compelling personalities over the years. You can hear our weekly curated pick of one of our most timeless or controversial or fascinating shows over the years, with an updated introduction each week to this week’s selection.

WEDNESDAY – “PWTorch Nostalgia Hour with Jim Valley” (Time TBD)

The host of the “Saturday Morning Wrestling” PWTorch Livecast is back with a new live Wednesday program covering pro wrestling’s past eras, from the Golden Age to the Territory Boom to the Dawn of the WrestleMania Era to the Attitude Era. He’ll welcome special guests for live interviews and cohosts to talk about different chapters in pro wrestling’s history.

THURSDAY – “Post-Impact Wrestling with Mike & Andrew” (10 ET)

Mike McMahon & Andrew Soucek will continue to host the post-GFW Impact Wrestling talk fest as they go live as soon as Impact ends on Pop TV taking your calls and emails dissecting what they just watched.

SATURDAY – “The Deep… Dive with Rich Fann” (6 ET)

Rich Fann hosts this weekly in-depth focus at a single topic in pro wrestling. One week he could be focusing on New Japan’s latest big show or tournament, the next week a look at the history of race or gender portrayal in pro wrestling, the next a show devoted to Progress Wrestling, and the next week, a look at the Worst Title Reigns Ever. Rich will be joined by a rotation of cohosts with special knowledge on that week’s topics. The show is live, so join in with phone calls or email your thoughts on that week’s topic before or during the show.

PHONE NUMBER: (515) 605-9345


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