PWTorch Livecast launched in December 2009 with the daily current events driven call-in program analyzing the pro wrestling industry with a rotation of hosts.

You can listen LIVE as the show airs, or ON DEMAND via streaming or downloading from this website or by subscribing in any popular podcast app on iPhone or Android or via iTunes. Just search “Pro Wrestling Torch” or “PWTorch.” If you listen live, you can call the show at (515) 605-9345 and then push “1” if you wish to be a caller on the show.


The PWTorch Livecast is available for free with the following schedule:

•SUNDAYS: “Wrestling Night in America” with Pat McNeill & Greg Parks (8 p.m. ET or right after WWE PPV events): This show focuses on major events in pro wrestling, looking at upcoming shows or reviewing events after they occur. The show is moved from its usual 8 p.m. timeslot to later in the night immediately following PPVs on PPV Sundays.

•MONDAYS: “MMA Talk for Pro Wrestling Fans with Michael Grocke & Co.” (7 p.m. ET): The team from discuss MMA for an hour or so with live callers each Monday night in the hour before WWE Raw begins, and they do so as pro wrestling fans who enjoy MMA. So you’ll get a dose of comparisons to marketing of fights and personalities in MMA to pro wrestling and conversation about crossover between the two industries.

•WEDNESDAYS: “Wrestling Road Stories with Jim Valley” (5 p.m. ET): Radio veteran Jim Valley talks with wrestlers from days gone by about pro wrestling’s past with entertaining and fascinating stories.

•THURSDAYS: “Post-GFW Impact w/Mike & Andrew” (9 p.m. ET): Mike McMahon & Andrew Soucek go live as soon as GFW ends discussing the program with live callers.

•FRIDAYS: “Best of PWTorch Livecast”: Every Friday look for a reposting of a show from our past dating back as far as 2009, often lining up with current events or just a big name interview or a show covering a major story. Catch up on some of our biggest shows every week.

•SATURDAYS: “The Deep Dive with Rich Fann” (6 p.m. ET): Each Saturday, PWTorch contributor Rich Fann, formerly the cohost of the Friday PWTorch Livecast hosted by Bruce Mitchell, tackles one subject in depth with a special guest and live calls and emails. Some topics are serious and others are more light-hearted. Every week is a lesson in pro wrestling history.

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