PWTORCH LIVECAST EXCLUSIVES – Audio Clip Three-Pack: Jim Ross on WWE Brand Split/Draft, Fairplay talks Ric Flair hang-out, Nash on jumping to WCW 20 years ago

Kevin Nash art credit Grant Gould (c)

PWTorch Livecast Audio Clip Three-Pack
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May 26 Livecast: Jim Ross breaks down WWE Smackdown moving to live Tuesday night broadcasts and previews Brand Split/Draft with Wade Keller. (PWTorch YouTube Audio Clip)

May 25 Livecast: Jonny Fairplay talks with Pat McNeill about hanging with Ric Flair after the May 16 Raw and Flair being written off WWE TV on the May 23 Raw. (PWTorch YouTube Audio Clip)

May 19 Livecast: Kevin Nash reflects on jumping to WCW with Scott Hall 20 years ago and whether they get treated differently by Vince McMahon today with PWTorch editor Wade Keller. (PWTorch YouTube Audio Clip)

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